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The Split-Property Scheme

The Split-Property scheme allows the complete and exclusive ownership of a property for a fraction of the normal market price, for a period far superior to the average holiday use and with hotel-style management and services.

The ownership of the house is divided into shares sold to only 5 buyers, each will receive a quota equivalent to 10 weeks, distributed in a pre-selected order that will remain constant.

The property is sold freehold and in perpetuity and its size allows just one family at the time, so assuring complete privacy.

The management of the property will ensure that on your arrival you will find the place ready to be enjoyed with a fridge full of basic food - including cool wine -. There will be a maid and gardener attending the property every fortnight, at the end of your stay; the utilities and insurance bills will be taken care of as well as the general maintenance work, which will include painting and decorating once a year.

A considerable discount will be given for introducing another party to buy in the same property and if the full quota (5 buyers) is sold within three months a car will be included free of charge. You can buy with friends without having to share your holidays with them.

The average house will be a 3/4 bedrooms, detached,  with swimming pool and surrounded by its own parcel of land.

The usable periods will be 5 fortnights with a 2 weeks period in July or August, and a period in winter to allow skiing holidays, the rest will be during the spring and autumn.

One fraction is at reduced price and will not have peak-season weeks but will instead includes the two weeks including Christmas and New Year  and allows the enjoyment of the area during the quiet seasons, up to the middle of June as well.

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By The SeaClose to SkiingRenovation Work NeededFamily HouseGardenSuitable for 2 FamiliesGround for CampingIsolatedLandLocated in VillageMillRepairs NeededNot Suitable for ToddlersSuitable for Touristic DevelopmentReady for OccupationLand Suitable for Swimming PoolVineyard (Wine)Key to Symbols


Quota A,B,C,D = 25,000
   Quota E = 18,000
Quota A,B,C, D =  110,000
Quota E = 95,000
Quota A,B,C,D = 220,000
Quota E = 180,000 
Quota A,B,C,D = 220,000
Quota E = 180,000 

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