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An Introduction to Tuscany

Over the past fifteen years the sale of properties in Tuscany has increased progressively, for a number of very important reasons, amongst which are the following:

A. Geographical position and communications

The region is situated in the Centre - North of Italy, with a varied coastline - rocky coves and sandy beaches with several good harbours. It is spanned by a network of good roads (including autostrade connecting with major European autoroutes), rail links and airports (Pisa, Florence), which are both connected with Europe and other continents. Furthermore, both airports have frequent daily flights to and from England, mostly from London, but also from Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

B. Climate

It has a varied climate, cooler in the hills and mountains (Apuan Alps and Appennini) and wanner in the plains. Between April and November it is however most temperate throughout the region.

C. Arts and Food

Tuscany is of course universally known for the many medieval cities and towns, rich in art treasures such as Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca and a score of other smaller but equally attractive localities which include San Gimignano and Volterra, Carrara (where the famous marble comes from).

The food differs from province to province, but is generally wholesome, varying from pasta dishes to fish, meat and cheeses. Some of the best olive oils come from the Lucca area and of course everybody knows of the Chianti area, (south of Florence), which has a bewildering array of excellent wines.

D. Architecture

The region has a countryside rich with many castles, patrician villas, farmhouses and barns, all built in the traditional Tuscan way, using mainly stone, wood and typical "cotto" tiles. The properties tend to be larger in the gentle hills of Siena, Florence and smaller in the Pisa and Lucca areas.

The renovation of old farmhouses, barns and village houses is jealously protected by the Fine Arts Commission in co-operation with the local authorities, and this has resulted in some refined and elegant houses being available today. Whereas the renovation of existing dwellings is looked upon favourably, the building of new houses "ex novo'' is almost impossible, thus limiting, as time progresses, the availability and safeguarding the prices of real estate

A resulting trade deriving from the interest shown in Tuscany, is now the increasing number of companies specialising in high class "farmhouse" accommodation, farmhouse being a euphemism for highly sophisticated and luxurious properties, costing as much as and often more than similar properties in often celebrated parts of the world.

Tuscany has thus now become a "status symbol", where it is "chic" to be seen, as indeed reflected in the many articles relating to the region and published, almost daily, by the quality press.

Pricewise, once renovated, properties north of Lucca are in great demand from the rental
point of view, and returns from investments are usually above 10%.
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